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Creating a secure login page

How can you ensure your login page won't be vulnerable to SQL injection and other attacks? Application security expert Paul Holm explains how you can use SSL and encryption to fend off hackers.

What security precautions should we take when creating a login page?
When creating a login page, consider the following security measures.

If the content is highly confidential, use SSL. It will encrypt the user ID or password so any hackers intercepting Internet traffic will not be able to read the data passing through the Internet.

Depending on how you are authenticating, make sure you are not vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks. For more information about preventing SQL injection vulnerabilities, check out http://www.unixwiz.net/techtips/sql-injection.html. SearchAppSecurity.com also has a few tips on SQL injection in this feature, Don't become a victim of SQL injection.

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