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Does Microsoft offer an international testing certification?

Learn about international testing certification organizations and where to get more information on software testing and QA certs.

Hi, I have been involved in the software QA engineering process for the last four years. Currently I am willing to pursue any QA certification. Please let me know if Microsoft offers any international QA certification?

Microsoft offers no formal testing certification. There are a number of international software testing certification organizations, including IIST and ISTQB. With the troubled economy, more and more of these organizations are offering online certification and webinars, which are a great resource for learning.

A good starting point for learning about certification is's entry on quality assurance and software testing certification, which lists and provides links to several major organizations.

One thing to keep in mind: Any testing certification must present you with the basics of testing, but no single certification prep course can prepare you for every project you'll work on. The best thing you can do is take advantage of every training opportunity you can, read everything you can, and learn as much as possible on the job. If you're interested in knowing more, I have a series of articles on how to become a better tester on my personal blog.

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