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Enterprise mobile management is easier with MDM tools

What are the benefits of enterprise mobile device management providers?

Enterprise mobile device management providers offer tools that make it easier to manage thousands of devices in your organization. Available tools can help an administrator see who is using a mobile device, the type of device it is, the OS on the device and which apps are installed. Leading enterprise mobile device management (MDM) providers, which offer similar services, include:

The challenge for enterprise mobile management providers is the different restrictions OS providers put in place. For instance, Apple is very restrictive on what can and what cannot be controlled on an iOS-powered device. You cannot restrict an iPhone user from updating the OS, installing apps from the iTunes App Store or connecting personal email accounts.

This may not seem like a big issue, but each company with numerous iOS devices takes a deep breath when the new version of iOS is released because Apple has made it very easy to activate OS updates. For example, iOS 6 had a problem with the iPad connecting to Microsoft Exchange. More than one company had its entire corporate email brought to its knees due to email pooling issues in iOS 6 when all the employees quickly installed the update. As a point of reference, Apple is able to update its active network of iOS-powered devices within days of a new release. It only took 72 hours for 60% of all active iPhones and iPads to update to iOS 7 when it was released.

Recently, enterprise mobile management providers have been adding more targeted products that enable MDM services to run on a single app instead of the whole phone. Mobile application management (MAM) encapsulates an app that is deployed to a device. MAM is a great option for bring your own device environments where corporate apps may be sitting next to a personal app, such as iCloud Photo Library.

There are similar policy controls for MAM, but with a difference. When you select to remove an app from a device, the targeted app does not interact with other apps, giving you the confidence to change the app without changing anything else on the phone. You can think of MAM as a scalpel compared to Microsoft's ActiveSync sledgehammer.

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