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Getting answers about OpenSTA script problems

A software tester with an OpenSTA script problem calls for help. and software QA pro John Overbaugh points him toward a community of experts.

I am a new user of Open STA. I recorded a script, but it doesn't show details of the application pages in the script. Also, in playback, it doesn't hit the server. Why?

I highly recommend you visit the OpenSTA forums. One of my very favorite things about open source software is the...

way the community just rallies about people. I've posted questions there myself. Once I asked about an open source solution and received multiple complex and correct answers in a matter of a few minutes.

Head on over to OpenSTA.org and poke around for the forums. Post your question, and be as specific as you can when you post. In fact, if you can share your script --- you might 'genericize the URL' if possible -- that's even better.

One final note: Pass it on! If you receive help about a tool, be a contributor and give help some day, as well. Don't just take, but give.

This was last published in September 2009

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