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How do we make testing in DevOps happen correctly?

CI/CD are at the heart of DevOps and it can be tricky to determine when/how to fit in testing. Expert Gerie Owen explains why testers are facing a steep learning curve.

It's easy to understand the concerns about testing in DevOps, as it seems testing is really just now starting to find its way. It appears that many DevOps professionals aren't sure how to incorporate testing or don't believe it is critical in a DevOps shop because they can fix and redeploy quickly. That approach needs to change.

There seems to be a lot of opportunity for solid testing in DevOps, as long as that testing can be done in a continuous integration/continuous deployment environment. That is the future challenge for testing. There has to be a major role in ensuring that DevOps delivers truly working software that can withstand actual production use. It is simply not there yet, and testers have to play a key role in getting it there. Today, practitioners don't seem to be really thinking and strategizing about how to test either the infrastructure or the software that uses that infrastructure.

It is largely a new language and workflow for testers, and the learning curve may be steep for some. Testers will need to accept the challenge of new approaches to development and delivery in order to understand and contribute to the DevOps workflow.

This is an excellent time for testers to assert a role in DevOps. Testing in DevOps might mean roles as quality assurance consultants, providing testing standards and objectives to teams. It might mean roles as test engineers, setting up test automation environments and tests as part of the workflow. Most DevOps thought leaders admit that DevOps is a cultural rather than technical challenge, and testing can be made a part of that cultural shift.

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