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How to choose a company for outsourced software testing services

Are you considering outsourcing your software testing needs to another company? Here are some factors to consider when assessing outsourcing companies.

How to perform an assessment to the QA/testing area of a software development/integrator company? Any advice on what to look at and how to conduct the assessment?
I believe the question you're asking is how should we choose a company to outsource our testing needs to. I'd start with drafting a list of what's important to you and your company and the project you're outsourcing. Some core factors to consider:
  • Resources: Who exactly at the outsourcing company will be assigned to the project work? You might ask for the resumes of the people who'll be executing the work and arrange time for phone interviews or conversations to get familiar with the individuals.
  • References: Can the company provide you with a list of references -- companies that have used them for similar services? You could call the companies to learn the impressions of people who've worked with the company.
  • Reporting: What frequency of reporting do you expect? Do you expect written status reports and what level of detail do you expect? Do you expect phone meetings with the team to follow-up?
  • Time: What's the time difference of the company that you're considering? Will you and your staff be able to maintain meeting times to discuss issues as they arise and maintain communication?

Beyond these factors, there may be cultural considerations, in assessing whether your companies will work well together. Sometimes, facts aside, the right fit can be a sense that the people you're talking with are people you'd like to work with.

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Nothing to disagree with here but a few thoughts to add - you might look at how the company thinks of testing. Some think of it as a mini project, with a defined beginning and end. Others think of the code as a fluid thing, and themselves more like staff aug team members. Disclosure: I own a test consulting company; when we work, it tends to be this way.

If your company is delivering software in batches with phases (requirements, design, code, test, 'done') then the former model works. If you want to work incrementally or continuously, and thing of the events as 'activities', not phases, then the latter might work better for you.
Great article, thanks! Too bad, though, I only saw it after choosing QAwerk as a testing company for our family business website. Anyway, it will be useful if I need to search for QA engineers again

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