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How to create performance testing workload models

What is involved in the creation of a performance testing workload model? Our expert directs software testers to helpful resources on the creation of documentation and models.

I have been asked to create a performance workload model. It will be performance testing a web portal for health benefits. What does a workload model look like? And what should it include?

I've done some previous articles on this topic. I recommend you start with part one of a three-part series on performance testing called "Testing for performance."

In that article I talk through the steps I take to develop an initial workload model and I reference Scott Barber's work on the User Community Modeling Language (UCML). In an article on Analyzing Performance-Testing Results to Correlate Performance Plateaus and Stress Areas I show an example of how you can work to correlate your testing results back to your model.

Finally, take a look at the chapter on workload modeling in Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications. You can also find the material online, but if you're new to performance testing you might want the book - it's likely the best place for you to start for most of your questions.

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