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How to get development, QA, security and compliance teams to play nice

One of the great struggles in software development is getting teams to work cooperatively. Application security expert Kevin Beaver offers advice in this expert response.

We're having trouble getting developers and QA being on the same page as the security and compliance teams. What can we do?

This is a common issue but something that can be resolved relatively easily. First, management has to make their...

support of security and risk management known by spreading the message and holding people accountable. Second, get your teams in the same meetings. Have developers/QA staff attend security-related meetings and security/compliance staff attend development/QA-related meetings.

Finally, get all staff members some cross-training in the respective areas. There's no reason why security/compliance staff shouldn't know the basics of software development/quality and why developers/QA staff shouldn't know the essential concepts of information security. Pull these three things together and you'll have yourself a workable solution.

Here is some more advice for development teams battling with similar struggles:

This was last published in January 2010

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