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How to grow as a software tester

Read Karen Johnson's advice for a beginner software tester looking to learn more about software testing and tools.

I have completed my software testing course in seven tools. I would like to learn more about testing. At the same time I wish to know if there is any company that performs online software testing, because I wish to work at home. My aim is to grow as a software tester.
Hello. I'm not sure what software testing tools you've been learning, but learning about seven different tools sounds busy. Two factors you might consider: what tools are in demand in the job market you're interested in, and what tools do you enjoy working with? This combination is important because both are needed to be successful.

Learning about seven tools sounds like a survey class, by which I mean, the class likely gave you some time to learn about each of the tools but without time and project experience, your knowledge will have limitations. Look for project work that helps to supplement what you've learned academically. You might consider focusing on one or a couple of tools; as it's not likely you'll be able to stay fluent and current with so many tools at the same time.

Working from home is an understandable desire. Saving commute time and balancing life needs can be great, but here are some factors to consider: Will you have the computer equipment to address your job needs? Do you expect a company to provide the equipment? Do you have the environment and discipline to work from home? You might consider targeting nearby companies so that you can mix some office time with some time from home as you adjust to working from home.

Software testing can be a career filled with great variety of intriguing project work. I wish you well on your path to learning.

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