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How to manage multiple test teams

Managing several test teams can be challenging, but it isn't impossible. Testing expert Karen N. Johnson shares some of her strategies.

How do I manage test teams when there are multiple teams and multiple projects running concurrently?
Time allocation becomes more important the more people you have to manage. I block time on my schedule to check in with team leads and to allow a certain amount of time every day for the typical disruptions that come in a management role.

I believe in being accessible and approachable. I'm also a believer in management by walking the halls. If you walk the halls often enough, your own staff and other people will pay less attention to you and you can observe more typical behavior.

I also make it a point to notice stress levels in employees. I've found that if I don't observe people on a regular basis, it's harder to notice when an issue is beginning. I encourage people to talk to me about their problems and look for early indicators for project trouble. Observation is essential, as is being open to hearing bad news.

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