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Identifying whether or not your site or software has been hacked

A hacked system can cause a number of annoyances ranging from money loss to identity theft, test and security expert, Kevin Beaver teaches how you can tell if your site has been compromised.

Is there an easy way to identify that my site or application has been hacked, and or private information within has been compromised?

Without the proper systems in place you won't know if you've been hacked. In fact, many people learn they've been...

hacked long after the breach has taken place - sometimes in the form of a defaced site, sometimes due to erratic behavior or denial of service, and sometimes through a message or call from a customer or even the hacker himself.

Being proactive with Web security requires having the proper controls in place such as a network firewall, IPS or WAF, system hardening and patching, and (often most importantly) a monitoring system that can alert you to nefarious behavior.

This was last published in September 2009

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