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Inexpensive phase of SDLC to catch and fix bugs

Is there a phase in the development lifecycle where bugs can inexpensively repaired? This is a common question asked to our expert Kevin Beaver.

Is there a phase in the SDLC where fixing bugs can be done inexpensively? Also which phase of SDLC, is fixing bugs most expensive? How can I save costs and still be assured that I have a quality software product?
Fixing the problems before they're ever introduced is the cheapest. In other words, have your developers understand the security implications of their actions and decisions and use the right tools to keep security flaws from every becoming part of the code. Arguably the most expensive time in the SLDC to fix flaws is after the code has gone into production. You not only have to find out what flaws exist (often the hard way via a breach) but you also have to go back to the drawing board so to speak and fix the issues all over again.

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