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Looking for case management tools? Get our expert's advice

How do you determine which test case management tools are the best fit for your organization? Expert Gerie Owen explains why you should start by limiting your search.

Wondering how to choose test case management tools? In this role, you are a business analyst looking at the needs of your organization. Your business is testing, so you start by focusing on what your team needs to perform their work. Look at your business processes, that is, how you test, what you test and how you want information to be made available to everyone. Interview your team, and your management, to determine what they need in order to do their jobs.

Once you have a set of business requirements, you have to translate that into functional software requirements. If you have an Agile process, for example, your functional requirements should define software features that support that process your team uses.

Only now should you look for products available on the market. There are many test case management tools on the market, so rather than look at all of them, you should find some way to limit your search. You may want to look at only open source solutions, for example, or solutions that are available from established vendors with a track record.

You should also consider nonfunctional requirements, such as the budget available to procure a test management solution and who needs it in order to do their job. If you have price or deployment model -- cloud or on-premises -- considerations, factor that in so that you can narrow down your search criteria.

It's unlikely that any one case management tools product will fulfill all of your requirements. You're probably going to have to compromise, so you need to understand which of your requirements you can be flexible on. By prioritizing your requirements, you can present a short list of recommendations to your manager, along with what compromises you made in order to come up with that list.

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