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Product manager seeks tool to monitor performance characteristics on internal, global applications

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Within our organization we have Product Managers who have agreed on Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to monitor their product. These are internal global applications that monitor performance. In other words, they measure various transactions on their web applications, such as the time it takes for a web page to be displayed. The figures don't have need to be very accurate. (For example, to the nearest second is acceptable.) Do any tools exist to do this sort of monitoring?
There are tons of tools that provide these sorts of measurements. As a couple of examples, you can use something as simple as Site24x7 which does uptime, performance, and global location monitoring. It's super easy to use. Or, for the more enterprise minded, you can use something like OpenNMS or HP Real User Monitor. These options just get you started. I'd say start by taking a look at those options, and then if you already have tooling in your organization from a large vendor (HP, IBM, CA, etc...) you might also reach out to them to see what products they offer in that space.

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