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Recognizing appropriate scenarios for context testing

Determining when to perform context testing depends on a number of variables ranging from browser centricity to the migration of customer data, says test expert.

In what situations would it be appropriate to use context testing?

Imagine you have a website to test and some of your test ideas are centered on different browsers, different versions of flash and mobile accessibility. Now for a moment, imagine your project has changed and you are testing the migration of customer data that includes sensitive tax information. Your tests may become centered on data security and encryption in the new environment. These are two different situations, each situation is unique and each brings to mind different test ideas. These ideas are based on the context of what you are testing. When you are focused in one situation, your test ideas, tools and approaches may be focused in a unique way that makes sense for your project needs. When you switch the project, your needs shift as well. In short, I cannot envision a situation where context-driven testing would not apply.

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