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Selecting the best tool for stress and load testing

Expert guidance for companies searching for the best tools for software stress and load testing.

Our Company is looking for a best tool which supports our Webservices testing along with load and stress testing. I am going through lot many tools Like Open source but I am not able to get the right tool to satisfy our testing need please help!
About the best tool for web service testing (in my experience) is SoapUI. I have a few issues with it – I had difficulty preserving some of my tests as the web service changed. Other than that, it was a powerful tool which allowed me to accomplish functional as well as load and stress testing. I believe the load testing features are only available in the retail version (there is an open source and a retail version). http://www.soapui.org is your source for info.

By the way, the folks at Eviware are incredible when it comes to support. Although they're at least 10 time zones away from me, they usually turned around responses to e-mail queries within a matter of minutes.

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