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Tools for performance testing a thick client using ODBC protocol

What tools are available for performance testing on a thick client using ODBC? Are there any free open source tools?

I need to do performance testing. The application is a thick client using ODBC protocol for communication. What tools are available for such activity? Are there any free tools?
Well, depending on the specific technologies and what tests you're looking to run, you'll have some different options. From an enterprise tool perspective, there are a few options for tools that support multiple protocols, including Compuware QALoad, HP LoadRunner and IBM Rational Robot. Most (if not all) of the open source tools I've seen have focused on Web performance testing. That doesn't mean there aren't any, I just haven't seen them.

However, you have options. There are different types of tests you can do depending on the application. For some ideas, I recommend Ken North's work. He's written two great articles on the topic: "Performance Testing, ODBC, and Native SQL APIs: When query-execution time is critical" and "Understanding Multidatabase APIs and ODBC." In those articles, Ken presents some ideas for some different things you might be interested in. For many of those tests, no enterprise tools are required (and you can learn a lot of information).

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