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Top tools for testing Web application security

When it comes to testing Web applications for security, the prominent commercial tools support a variety of languages while open source tools tend to be limited.

What are the top vendors for code analysis for testing Web applications? It seems some vendors are targeted at a single language within the application, not so much the entire Web stack.
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There are a number of commercial vendors and open source products that do security source code reviews, and most of the commercial products support a variety of Web application development languages and environments. Some prominent examples include Coverity, Fortify Software, Klocwork, and Ounce Labs. Each of their tools supports several languages, but you would have to check the vendor's documentation for specific details.

The open source or freely available tools in this space do tend to be more focused on a single language. For example, FindBugs and PMD do static analysis for Java. They are mostly focused on quality issues, but they also find some security defects. For .NET environments, FxCop from Microsoft checks for quality and security issues.

The OWASP Orizon project is intended to be a cross-language framework for security source code review. It is currently in the early stages, but support for both Java and .NET is planned.

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