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What is an Agile coach's role in a development environment?

Although many are familiar with the title "agile coach" there seems to be some confusion among teams concerning the exact role of an agile coach. Expert Yvette Francino and Ken Clyne weigh in on agile coaching in this expert response.

What does an Agile Coach do?
I thought the best way to answer this would be with a short video clip from an Agile Coach. Last week I met Ken Clyne who was emcee of the Agile Software Conference in Colorado Springs. I asked Clyne of Rally Software to describe his role as Agile Coach.

I learned during my ScrumMaster Certification class that the transition to an agile environment can be a difficult one for organizations. Having a coach who has experience with working with agile teams and can help the team avoid common problems would be beneficial, particularly for those organizations that are new to agile.

The coach can help with interventions for cases where the team is experiencing problems or not working following agile practices. Having a coach available will give new agile teams peace of mind by ensuring that best practices are being followed. The coach acts as a mediator, mentor and facilitator for the entire team, helping them learn techniques that will foster strong collaboration, communication and will result in a high-quality end-product.

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