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What to look for in future renditions of Web 2.0 application security

This is an software expert's perspective on future Web 2.0 applications, security issues and expected problems. Prepare for future application difficulties by mastering solutions current ones says application security veteran Kevin Beaver

What's the next big thing with Web application security?

As much as Web 2.0 and cloud are getting the spotlight I still believe that we haven't gotten our arms around the basics of Web security. Be it OWASP adoption, integrating security in the SDLC, or getting developers/QA staff the proper security training we've still got a long way to go. Unless and until we can address the basics with input validation, securely logging in users, and controlling who can do what/where inside the application we're not going to be able to move on to the next big thing and feel good about it.

While no one could claim to a completely accurate estimation of what the future has in store for Web 2.0 applications or their security, I strongly suggest that serious developers for Web 2.0 applications keep their understanding fresh and relevant. To help you build and maintain these skills I have assembled a list of helpful tips and tutorials (located below) on Web 2.0 applications.

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