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White box testing in Pascal

A user is looking for an example of white box testing in Pascal. John Overbaugh provides some basic guidance.

Dear John,

I would like to learn white box testing, and I an learning it, but I can't find an example in Pascal (which would not be to difficult example), in which white box testing is already done. Could you send to me such example, if you have one.

Thank you!

I've got absolutely no idea how to answer this question... :)

In terms of learning white box testing for Pascal, I really can't help you -- I've never coded Pascal and I don't do much work in that area. My best advice for you would be to look at white box training materials for other coding languages and apply the principles being taught. One critical skill for a good tester is the ability to apply lessons in one area to testing in another area -- you should do the same with your white box test training.

And when you've finished, help out other testers who'd like to learn the same thing, by writing articles, posting a website, or even just blogging on the topic and providing samples. Contribute to the body of knowledge!

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