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Ask the Experts

Software Testing and QA Fundamentals

  • How to learn white box testing

    Learning white box testing, also known as clear box or glass box testing, can be accomplished by following a series of steps. Testing expert Mike Kelly explains how to approach this learning process.  Continue Reading

  • How to determine test coverage

    Software testers can't cover everything in their scripts, but there are methods for selecting and prioritizing areas for testing. Expert Mike Kelly discusses how testers can determine coverage using the resources they have.  Continue Reading

  • Software testing best practices vary by context

    Software testers who want to follow best practices should understand their own projects and unique situations first. Expert Karen N. Johnson explains why best practices are dependent on context and how testers can figure out their best courses of ...  Continue Reading

  • Effective Web page testing

    Software testers have to be as thorough as they can, advises testing expert John Overbaugh. Web page testing and Web form testing, like any testing process, requires smart and creative methods from the tester.  Continue Reading

  • How testers can practice bug advocacy with developers

    Testers can encourage developers to fix bugs they've found using some well-established techniques. Expert Mike Kelly explains how testers should practice bug advocacy, which is ultimately to the benefit of testers and programmers alike.  Continue Reading

  • When to begin testing in the SDLC

    Testing is one of the most important components of the software development lifecycle, but when to begin testing depends on a number of factors. Expert Mike Kelly discusses how certain issues affect the timing of testing in the SDLC.  Continue Reading