• November 14, 2011 14 Nov'11

    What do you think of Agile?

    "We hear a lot of talk about Agile in the media. We want to hear from you: -Is Agile hype or helpful? -Do you love Agile or hate it? -Or is your team proceeding with business as usual?" So starts ...  Continue Reading

  • November 11, 2011 11 Nov'11

    Playing Agile games at Agile Coach Camp US

    “Research on how we learn has revealed that we learn much by doing, by engaging in physical activities, and by engaging with each other,” says Agile expert Lisa Crispin when explaining why playing can help us learn. In this article, Crispin ...  Continue Reading

  • November 11, 2011 11 Nov'11

    How do you measure software quality?

    Though software test experts do agree on a lot, the question of how to measure software quality is a subject of great debate. In his opening keynote at STPCon 2011, Rex Black, former president of ...  Continue Reading

  • November 09, 2011 09 Nov'11

    Recruiters' advice to testers: Get technical!

    The days of being able to get a job as a "manual tester" are no more. According to a panel of QA recruiters at a recent Denver SQuAD meeting, employers are looking for testers who have highly ...  Continue Reading

  • November 09, 2011 09 Nov'11

    Gorilla Logic announces automated testing tool for Android

    Recently Gorilla Logic announced the release of their newest automated testing tool, FoneMonkey for Android. I spoke with Stu Stern, Gorilla Logic CEO, about this new tool, and he explained the ...  Continue Reading

  • November 09, 2011 09 Nov'11

    Code coverage: Beyond the basics

    Code coverage tools will tell you how much of your code has been executed when you run your tests, but what can we do with that information? In this second of a two-part series, consultant Mike Kelly explores code coverage more deeply.  Continue Reading

  • November 09, 2011 09 Nov'11

    How useful is code coverage?

    In this first of a two-part series about code coverage, software consultant Mike Kelly explains code coverage and gives a specific example of how code coverage was calculated on a small program using the tool rcov for Ruby.  Continue Reading