Software Quality Insights

December 2008

  • Security boost for LAMP stack

    Colin Smith - PetSmart 10 Dec 2008
  • LAMP, an open-source Web development platform based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, is getting some added protection from attacks thanks to Metaforic. Metaforic, a provider of anti-tamper ...

  • Praising unit testing

    Colin Smith - PetSmart 04 Dec 2008
  • A few weeks ago I wrote about how many programmers don't consider unit testing a priority. Reasons given: They don't know about it Good unit tests are hard to write It's a waste of time and ...

  • IBM software quality tools help organizations collaborate, reduce risk and costs

    Colin Smith - PetSmart 01 Dec 2008
  • Following up on its June announcement to release 20 products for its Jazz platform, IBM last week announced two new products -- Rational Quality Manager and Rational Test Lab Manager. Rational ...