Software Quality Insights

January 2009

  • Using source code analysis tools

    Mike Kelly - DeveloperTown 30 Jan 2009
  • I found a great article earlier this week on static analysis tools by Mary Brandel. In the article, "How to choose and use source code analysis tools," she cites some statistics on the static ...

  • Coverity CTO Q&A: New, Microsoft-friendlier tools ease app fixes

    Jan Stafford - Features Writer 27 Jan 2009
  • Today, the development community gets a first look at Coverity Prevent’s new Microsoft-friendly analysis tools. Yesterday, I talked with Coverity Inc. CTO Ben Chelf about how the new features will ...

  • Regulated software testing

    Mike Kelly - DeveloperTown 26 Jan 2009
  • Earlier this month, the New York Times ran an article on a report criticizing the F.D.A. on device testing. The article seems to indicate that one of the leading causes for poor testing is ...