Software Quality Insights

February 2009

  • Better security through better visualization

    Mike Kelly - DeveloperTown 26 Feb 2009
  • I'm always excited when I stumble across an area which is an intersection of two of my favorite topics. Recently, I started reading Applied Security Visualization by Raffael Marty. In the book, ...

  • Agile testers: The value of whole team commitment

    Mike Kelly - DeveloperTown 25 Feb 2009
  • Earlier this month Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, authors of Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams, published an article called "Testers: The Hidden Resource." While the ...

  • PCI compliance and how PI affects your testing

    Mike Kelly - DeveloperTown 20 Feb 2009
  • In a recent E-Commerce Times article titled "Beyond the Audit: Maintaining a PCI-Compliant Environment," Dave Shackleford lays out the basics for ongoing compliance fundamentals. In the article, he ...

  • Thinking like a hacker

    Mike Kelly - DeveloperTown 18 Feb 2009
  • Jeff Feinman recently published a great article in SD Times titled "Think like a hacker." The article collects statements about security testing from several vendors and ties them together around ...

  • Finding some performance testing wisdom

    Mike Kelly - DeveloperTown 09 Feb 2009
  • Last week O'Reilly's 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts was released. In a recent excerpt published by Sara Peyton, Thoughtworks CTO Rebecca Parsons ...