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2015 reasons to be looking forward to 2016

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Perhaps 2015 reasons is a bit of a stretch. In any case, as we wrap up this year, it’s interesting to look at where we’ve been and what we’ve all been interested in.

It is certainly no surprise that Jenn Lent’s most excellent piece on the Agile Manifesto and whether it is outdated or not was the most-read article on SearchSoftwareQuality this year. Not only was that piece read, it was hotly debated and spawned a lot of follow-up conversation. After attending Agile 2015, I certainly understand it. There’s a push-pull among Agile followers between staying true to the Manifesto and customizing it to a company’s particular need. The Manifesto reminds me a bit of the debate over the pirate term “parlay” in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. As the Jeffrey Rush character says, paraphrasing, “parlay isn’t so much of a rule as a suggestion.” And maybe that’s how we should all look at the Agile Manifesto?

No matter how close we hew to the Manifesto, there’s no question Agile was on everyone’s minds this year. Another hugely popular story — on our Essential Guide to gathering and managing software requirements — resonated with a lot of you this year. The very important development step of determining software requirements is clearly something many of us want to understand and implement more effectively.

Continuing the Agile trend, I think we also wanted to know how well we’re doing with it all this year. Jennifer Lent’s other well-read Agile piece — Three traits of a mature Agile team — underscores the important role a “mature” Agile team has when engaged in mobile development particularly. Every company has gone mobile, it seems, and any way to streamline that process is worth considering.

Finally, my piece on how the lines are starting to blur between testers and developers was apparently well-timed. With some companies phasing out testing all together, and others asking testers to code, and developers to test, there’s plenty of churn and concern over the role of testers today and in the near future. It should be more simple, right? But of course it’s not.

Do have a favorite story or trend or news event of the last year? Let me know!