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A new site for IT operations pros

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Ask any application-development decision maker or programmer: Emerging technologies force enterprise IT shops to rethink not just which new products and services to adopt, but even more importantly, the very nature of how they do their jobs. For this reason, TechTarget’s expanding its coverage of IT operations with the launch of

Our long-standing attention to core application development technologies and buying trends — such as development ALM and app containers — will not change on the TechTarget coding and software websites you already read. Rather, through the new SearchITOperations, we recognize the cultural and technological transformation underway as IT operations and application development more closely collaborate to heighten their enterprise’s ability to respond to market changes.

Reaching into 2020

Looking out over the next three to five years, strategic IT shops will need to move beyond cost savings or avoidance, marked by silos and limited collaboration, to thrive. All aim for stable, flexible operations that are custom fitted to the internal landscape, corporate goals and business outcomes of that enterprise.

For many IT shops, the desire to facilitate shorter application release cycles without outages and mistakes means reordering staff, acquiring new skills and choosing from a plethora of new tools to automate tasks.

The new site is dedicated to the news, features, how-to tips and other expert content that enables IT operations pros to manage new application architectures and faster release cycles, along with the feedback loop concept promoted by DevOps. From our view, these tie-ins with AppDev teams are clear and important.

As always, our readers can expect unbiased technical information as they evaluate new tools, learn additional skills and plan tomorrow’s IT operations.
We hope you’ll check out the new resources on SearchITOperations, and we thank you for your continued loyalty to, and readership of, SearchSoftwareQuality.