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A quick peek at new products from Agile2015

Get ready for new products, upgrades and features this week at Agile 2015. Here’s a brief round up of what you’ll see featured in booths at the show:

  • ThoughtWorks’ Mingle Plus 2.0

Aimed at the enterprise-level Agile efforts, Mingle Plus 2.0 adds cross-project collaboration and program management to the core Mingle product. Developers can plan and track dependencies and the product is available on-site or in the cloud as a software as a service (SaaS) offering. Get more information.

  • VersionOne

A number of new features are available in VersionOne including TeamSync for Jira, unified DevOps automation, enterprise budgeting, TeamRoom Scorecards, and enhancements to the user interface, communities and CommitStream in TeamRooms. All four versions of the product – Team, Catalyst, Enterprise and Ultimate – are available now.

  • Hansoft 9

This new version of Hansoft will provide developers with tighter integration of defect tracking, a new user interface, better contextualization, clear visuals and other collaborative tools. Also, the company will be giving “sneak peaks” of its newest product – codenamed Hansoft X – at its booth at Agile2015.

  • QA Symphony

Designed for Agile testers, QA Symphony’s new qMap is a visual mapping solution that uses data from the company’s exploratory testing tool, qTest. qMap tracks and analyzes test results across systems and creates a “heat map” of the results.

  • PlanningPoker

And because no round up of Agile products is complete without some kind of game, PlanningPoker is a new (and free) digital card game that puts a fun spin on forecasting sprints and making estimations.

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