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About DevOps and Bernie Sanders

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Yes, you read that title right. Too bad I can’t take credit for the pairing.

Way back when I worked for a daily newspaper, the most exciting times of all were of course the election cycles. The late nights, the meet and greets, the feeling of change in the air…good times.

It’s another election cycle — by all accounts a one of a kind cycle at that — and of course change *is* in the air still. And not just when it comes to politics.

I interviewed Will Evans, chief design officer at Praxis Flow, a couple of weeks ago. He’s a lean development expert, sure, but he’s also a fun and lively interview. I would guess his seminar at QCon was probably a lot of fun.

But Evans will always have a special place in my heart because in this election cycle he brought together two wildly different “things” and actually made it work: DevOps and Bernie Sanders.

“Imagine Bernie Sanders is the DevOps of politics — fresh ideas but fundamentally not changing the entire system,” Evans said. “People are idealists in DevOps. If Bernie can change the platform and shift the Democratic party to the left 5% that is progress but not perfection and DevOps is the same.”

Evans thinks the biggest problem in the software development arena is that people aren’t engaged and are at risk of spending their time doing things that don’t matter. DevOps, he believes, can be that change, but like Sanders, you have to see it as a process and and not an end result. “The promise of DevOps is to move things, to make things 1% better next year. That is meaningful. This is a long haul with a lot of hard work and we’re not going to have change overnight.”

Can we afford to be patient? I hope so.

Tell me how you think software development and the election cycle are linked.