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Agile 2011: Speakers, vendors, analysts and participants

Agile 2011, the annual conference put on by the Agile Alliance, was held August 8th through 13th in Salt Lake City, in honor of the ten year anniversary of the Agile Manifesto, which was crafted in nearby Snowbird, Utah.

On SSQ’s Agile 2011 Conference page, you’ll find 27 videos from presenters, vendors, analysts and participants. Learn how positive psychology helps Agile teams in a recap of Barbara Frederickson’s keynote. Additionally, we have included several interviews with well-known speakers.

In Business analysis in Agile development: Q&A with Mary Gorman, you’ll find out about some of the lightweight techniques that Mary and her colleague Ellen Gottesdiener have developed for eliciting requirements.

In Scrum in sales: Q&A with Scrum founding father Jeff Sutherland, Sutherland, one of the Agile Manifesto signatories, speaks about the use of Scrum in all lines of business, including sales.

These are just a couple of our interviews, but you’ll find many more, including interviews with Elisabeth HendricksonAlan Shalloway, Esther Derby, Scott Ambler and Angela Druckman.

Agile methodologies are known for being playful and collaborative, encouraging teamwork in new and fun ways. The conference itself sports opportunities to have “dinner with a stranger,” participate in “open jam” sessions on topics of your choosing, advertise jobs on an open job board, or simply start a new board game in order to make new friends.

Participants’ reactions?

The conference proved that fun and learning go hand-in-hand. Check out our page and share it with your friends.

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