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Agile 2011 keynote: Positive emotions will lead to increased awareness

Tuesday morning’s Agile 2011 keynote, “Why Care about Positive Emotions?” by Positivity author Barbara Fredrickson taught us how positive psychology has proven that positive emotions help us become more aware and open. Fredrickson used the sun opening a water lily as a metaphor, saying that scientists have shown that positivity “open us up.” After “injecting positive emotions” into people in a lab environment, by showing them positive photos, giving a surprise gift or playing pleasant music, scientists have been able to study the brain and found indications that these people experience an increased awareness of their surroundings.

This is just one of the many learnings of positive psychology, a movement that became popular ten years ago, at the same time as the Agile manifesto. Positive emotions allow people to experience “more possibilities, more creativity, more resilience, better performance, and make better decisions,” said Fredrickson.

Besides becoming a popular movement in the same time frame, Fredrickson noted other parallels between positive psychology and the Agile Manifesto. Being adaptive and agile is common to both. Both have nailed some truths of human nature, namely that we must have trust and faith in individuals and teams.

Audience members were inspired. “Coaching and positivity go hand in hand,” commented an Agile coach, noting that by using positive behavior in “coaching moments,” will ultimately lead to increased productivity.

In the video below, you’ll hear some reactions from audience members who thought this message is will help leadership and management the importance of a positive environment in the workplace.

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