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Agile ALM with Michael Hüttermann

At, we have a lot of content about “agility” and about “application lifecycle management” (ALM). But often these terms are used in many different contexts. Some people refer to almost any tool that manages part of the development lifecycle as an “ALM tool,” and “agility” seems to be the buzzword of the year, referring to almost any process that promotes collaboration. What does “Agile ALM” really mean?

Well, I got the chance to talk to the expert, author of Agile ALM, Michael Hüttermann. Hüttermann’s book is jam-packed with information about building agility into your development lifecycle. Reading this, decision makers will be able to see the difference between the vendors who play buzzword bingo and those who really implement what’s most important in an ALM tool. I found his book a virtual goldmine of information.

In Agile ALM: Interview with author Michael Hüttermann – Part 1, I queried Hüttermann about software configuration management (SCM), “lightweight” tools, and the importance of integration of tools that manage different aspects of the lifecycle.

In Agile ALM tools: Q&A with author Michael Hüttermann – Part 2, we talk about attributes of agile ALM tools, automation, and tradeoffs between flexibility, configurability and complexity in tool sets.

Stay tuned as we have further interviews with Hüttermann and continue to explore this very timely topic.

Agile ALM by Michael Hüttermann is available through the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) at Compliments of, there is a 41% discount on the MEAP, ebook and pbook of Agile ALM. Please use promotional code: agilealm41 in the Promotional Code Box at

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