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Agile Alliance conference 2011: Using Agile outside of IT

At the Atlanta Scrum Users Group meeting, Agile Alliance 2011 speaker Leeann Berner gave a preview of her conference presentation. As an Agile Marketer with VersionOne, Inc., Leeann is interested in how Agile concepts can be applied to areas outside of software development. Her conference presentation, titled “Beyond Software: Adopting Agile Outside of Development,” will examine how Agile practices can be applied to the marketing world in particular.

She will talk about the characteristics to look for in team members who will make Agile practices work, as well as those characteristics that aren’t so helpful. Given the collaborative nature of Agile, people who are flexible, who like to work with others and who have varied skillsets, for example, are often better suited to this type of team. Often team members need to work closely together as in pair programming. Her presentation will also discuss Agile terminology and how to redefine it in sectors outside of development, how to establish guidelines and how to get started with Agile methods.

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