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Agile conference touts ALM tools

Last week I had the opportunity to attend SQE’s complimentary “Agile Comes to You” conference in Colorado Springs. A group of vendors that integrate well to create an Agile ALM experience was on hand to offer up presentations and demos of their products.

The agenda started with a Keynote from Rally Software’s Founder and CTO, Ryan Martens, who spoke about ROI in an agile environment. This was followed by vendor presentations, lunch and demos from four vendors.

  • AccuRev presented “Automating & Managing Agile Software Development Processes.” Accurev is an Agile ALM provider that carries configuration management software.
  • Coverity spoke about static analysis in a presentation titled “Agile Software Development.”  Examples were given of how static analysis can catch defects before code is even executed when bugs are the least costly to fix.
  • Rally Software presented “The Power of Feedback” in which several examples of the importance of feedback in the application lifecycle was demonstrated. Rally Software provides agile project management software.
  • AnthillPro‘s presentation was titled “The Co-Evolution of Agile and Continuous Integration” and included a history of agile development. AnthillPro’s software handles build and deployment automation for agile teams.

More and more organizations are transitioning to agile, including larger organizations that are looking for a way to handle enterprise-wide software development using agile. These organizations will be looking at Agile ALM solutions to help them handle the complexities of scaling and geographically dispersed teams.

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