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Agile in 3D worlds brings teams closer to face-to-face

A serendipitous meeting I had while attending the Agile 2010 conference was with Agile Bill Krebs.

I was sitting comfortably on a couch in Orlando’s Dolphin hotel, just preparing to do a little work and Krebs started giving an informal “Jam session” presentation on the very topic I’ve been researching: how to improve communication for distributed teams!

Krebs promotes using virtual worlds such as Second Life to bring teams one step closer to face-to-face. He and a remote colleague demonstrated the various body language movements that can now be used with avatars to express feelings without using words, just as we do in real life.

I found it all quite fascinating and as I was there, another participant showed us a real Scrum meeting that he was attending live using Teleplace. I asked if the data from the Scrum meeting could be saved in any of the popular Agile ALM tools or whether it would have to be manually copied. As you’ll see from the video, Krebs says that Rally Software is looking into integration and that Rally’s recently acquired AgileZencan be used today in Teleplace.

Krebs held a formal session at the conference as well. I wasn’t able to attend, but I see the presentation and a blog post are available from Thoughtworks’ Sumeet Moghe.

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