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Agile leadership with Bob Galen

Bob Galen is a regular presenter at Agile and software quality conferences so it was no surprise to find him at STAREAST 2011. He led a half-day tutorial entitled, “A Test Leader’s Guide to Agile,” which explored some of the challenges leaders face when dealing with Agile adoption.

As difficult as Agile adoption may be on small projects, it’s especially difficult for large-scale projects. In Large-scale Agile: An interview with Bob Galen, Galen answers questions about challenges, methodologies and techniques that can be used that help large Agile teams succeed.

In both the video clip and the interview, Galen recommends enlisting the help of a coach if your team is new to Agile.

First, go out and find yourself a qualified coach — one that has experience in your application and business domain and matches your culture. I’d also look for pragmatists over purists. Those that allow for methods adjustments based on your contexts and not those that trivialize your real-world challenges.

I look forward to seeing more of Bob Galen when he’ll be presenting at two upcoming conferences being covered by SSQ: Agile Development Practices West in Las Vegas and Agile 2011 in Salt Lake City.

Check out our SSQ STAREAST page for more videos, tips and interviews with industry experts.

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