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Agile tool tracks app changes

Even when you think you’ve elicited and validated all of your stakeholders’ requirements, you’re still bound to have users who are unhappy with an application or a feature within an application.

Determining what the problem is and what users would prefer, however, can be challenging. But a feature in OutSystems’ All-In-One Agile Suite can help.

In its recently announced suite, OutSystems includes Embedded Change Technology (ECT), an automated mechanism for collecting business users’ feedback directly from a running Web application. Users point and click on the area in the applications where they want a change to be made and write their comments in the ECT pop-up window. The feedback is then made available to project managers and developers for review from the Agile Network’s Projects component.

More than that, members on the development team can use ECT. Business analysts can use it to validate requirements, QA engineers and testers can use it to flag problems and post comments, and programmers can use it to communicate with testers.

OutSystems is targeting Web 2.0 development teams who follow agile methodologies. The suite, which will be available in early November, includes the following:

  • ECT
  • New Agile Network — a portal for accessing OutSystems’ purpose-built Agile project management tools, online training, and knowledgebase of expertise
  • Agile Platform 4.2 — an enhanced version that simplifies the creation of Web 2.0 applications leveraging Ajax

Visit OutSystems site to see demonstrations of its All-In-One Agile Suite.

If you’re struggling to give your stakeholders what they want in an application or if communication on your team is lacking, it’s worth checking this tool suite out.

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