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App too slow? Let's just blame Brexit

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Developers, slow applications are really not your fault. And I’ve got two examples to prove it.

Performance analytics company Soasta has finally quantified what we’ve all secretly hoped — slow apps really might not be poor development. According to a study of its clients, Soasta claims your apps are being hijacked by third party sources that you may not have any control over. Whether it’s huge ads, or Javascript plug-ins or mongo images, your apps are drowning under the weight. In fact, Soasta data shows that more than 50% of online resources are sucked up by these third party add-ons, slowing down your site and potentially costing you revenue.

And in the category of other things you have no control over, it’s time to bring Brexit in to the mix. While obviously the UK leaving the EU isn’t going to slow down your app, it may slow down your app development, particularly if your developers are in the UK. The European Union allows free and easy travel between member nations, something that’s translated in to a lot of software devs from other countries working in London. That’s helped ease the shortage and boost productivity, but things are changing, according to Robert Grimsey, director at UK-based recruitment firm Harvey Nash. “Brexit has created uncertainty,” he said. “We’ve seen it in the lead up to the Referendum, during which demand for recruitment across all roles – including software development – was down. Now that Brexit has been confirmed, our expectation is that demand for permanent software development roles will continue to stay suppressed until there is a greater visibility.”

What could that mean? More contract jobs, for starters, as companies may not want to hire permanent workers. And it could mean a hiccup — or ten — when it comes to development projects.

The bottom line: lots of things are out of your control, like third party apps and political upheaval. At a time when many are tired of hearing how the dev process is at fault, perhaps today we can all take a little (admittedly cold) comfort in the fact that we can actually identify a few of the culprits. It won’t last forever, but for right now we can try to enjoy it.