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Application Resource Optimizer diagnostic tool enhances mobile device performance

Recently Keynote DeviceAnywhere™, who specializes in mobile monitoring and testing, announced its support for the Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) diagnostic tool from AT&T, which collects data and analyzes mobile application performance. Developers, those in telecommunications and enterprises seeking to upgrade applications, as well as mobile device consumers, will be happy to learn that this very timely tool is now available.


Leila Modarres, Senior Director of Marketing at Keynote DeviceAnywhere, explained how they are participating in this effort by offering access to ARO, which is pre-loaded on actual mobile devices, such as Samsung Captivate, HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Aria, Samsung Infuse 4G, LG Thrill 4G 3D and Motorola Atrix 2, enabling developers to download apps in their testing environment and test directly on the device. Developers can have on-demand, remote access to this service, which expedites app testing and benefits developers by increasing app ratings.


In a recent release, Faraz Syed, President of Keynote DeviceAnywhere said, “The creation of AT&T ARO represents a win for everybody involved from consumers, developers and the carrier. Consumers will have a better experience, developers will have better-rated apps, and AT&T will have more efficient apps running over its network.”


Many companies are already using ARO, including Pandora and Zynga. Chief executives from each of these organizations made appearances at the AT&T Developer Summit held January 8 and 9, 2012, in Las Vegas and gave testimonials on how this tool is helping them improve their app performance.


One of the greatest advantages to this unique tool is that it enables optimization of hardware performance, specifically battery life and data usage.


Leila Modarres said: 

As applications become richer and more convenient, it’s also going to mean that they are going to become more high maintenance. They are going to need a lot of memory usage; they are going to require a lot of battery. So initiatives such as this, which we intend to support, will help ensure that innovation is not limited because of a constraint on the hardware of a device.


Read about the Keynote DeviceAnywhere partnership with TomTom in our previous post: Keynote DeviceAnywhere provides customized performance monitoring to GPS vendor TomTom.

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