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Application lifecycle management: Top five stories of 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, we are reflecting on our most popular stories of the year. One of our key topics, application lifecycle management, has drawn much interest, particularly in the areas of Agile development and choosing appropriate ALM tools. Here, we count down the top five stories on ALM this year.


You’ll find that two of the five stories focus on requirements management, which is not surprising given that SSQ surveys from 2009 and 2010 both showed requirements management as the number one challenge in ALM. In 2011, requirements management moved down to the number three spot, topped by project management and process improvement as bigger challenges. Perhaps the improvements in requirements management tools described in these tips are helping?


Automation is another area getting a lot of attention in ALM as organizations work towards an environment that gives continuous integration, and, in some cases, continuous delivery. Most of our top five touch upon this growing industry trend, highlighting tools that will facilitate automation throughout the life cycle.


Coming in at number five is How to select your ALM requirements management tool by Mike Jones. Choosing an appropriate ALM requirements management tool comes with many challenges. Fortunately, this article offers several helpful insights into how to choose a requirements tool that best suits the needs of your organization.


In August, Site Editor Yvette Francino examined ALM trends, referring to findings of industry analysts and experts. In Trends in ALM: Extending the lifecycle, increased support of Kanban, she explores how ALM is expanding to areas beyond the traditional software development lifecycle, how practitioners are diversifying tools to include Kanban and how they are also mixing Agile methodologies.


All stories involving author Michael Hüttermann were popular on SSQ this year, including the two-part interview in which he discusses his book Agile ALM. (Since both parts received high traffic, we allowed them to share slot number three in our top five list.) Site Editor Yvette Francino asks Hüttermann to talk about how automation in used in automation lifecycle management, which he discusses in Automation in Agile ALM: Interview with author Michael Hüttermann — Part 1. Then, in part two, Automation, continuous integration and continuous improvement in Agile ALM — Part 2, he answers questions about programming skills, continuous integration and automation.


In the number two slot, we have another story about ALM tools. Software consultant Nari Kannan went into detail about ALM tools in his great piece Agile ALM tools: How they differ from traditional lifecycle management tools. He explains how newer tools facilitate Agile development by offering adaptability, simpler end-user interfaces and support for distributed and outsourced teams.


And finally, our most popular ALM story of 2011 has to do with requirements management. In March, Forrester analyst Mary Gerush, author of the report, Right Tools. Write Requirements. Right On! provided some great insights into ALM trends. In Trends in ALM: Requirements management tools, she tells Yvette Francino what organizations should consider when selecting a requirements management tool.

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