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Application performance management in the cloud

“Performance testing just ain’t easy,” says well-known performance test expert Scott Barber. But as he says in our interview regarding the CloudTest Lite announcement, doing it in the cloud offers some huge benefits. SOASTA has now allowed for a free performance test tool with an upgrade once you’ve gotten your tests fine-tuned. “The easy is easy, the hard is available, and the price tags fit with what you’re trying to do,” says Barber.

Performance testing and monitoring in the cloud has becoming a popular choice for organizations, because it means they no longer have to invest in very expensive tools and resources which may be sitting on the shelf for most of the year. However, when outsourcing your APM out to a cloud vendor, there are considerations you may need to take into account.

In The cloud: APM ownership challenges, Kay Diller gives helpful tips if you’re transitioning your APM to a cloud vendor. She follows that up with an informative tip on creating a Service Level Agreement with your APM cloud vendor in How to create a strong cloud SLA for APM.

This month SSQ’s focus is on APM. Stay tuned as we bring you more in the next week from experts who will look at how performance testing is changing with Agile development and development on mobile devices.

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