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Application performance management with author Michael J. Sydor

Application performance management (APM) is an important and complex piece of software development. In his book, APM best practices: Realizing Application Performance Management, Michael J. Sydor says that the greatest potential for APM initiative failure is inadequate scope.

In part one of the three-part interview, I ask Sydor to explain more about this. He says:

Everybody plans for an APM deployment, but very little consideration is given to how the technology will actually be used. The goal is often to “stand up” very much like the system management technology that it augments. APM can generate alerts, just like other monitoring tools but the real capabilities diverge sharply from that point.

In part two of the APM series, Sydor addresses APM staffing issues, another area which he feels is risky with APM initiatives “because frequently, all of the expertise ends up in a single individual.”

In the series, Sydor addresses several other questions about APM including questions relating to ROI and APM in the cloud. Part three includes a discussion of what is required of the APM specialist and where performance monitoring fits organizationally.

Check out the interview and his book for an informative look at how to implement an APM initiative within your organization.

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