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Aragon nabs Krugle's cool code search technology

In 2007 Krugle was a startup with a code-finding appliance, and I blogged about it, asking ”Will Krugle be cool?” Obviously, San Mateo, Calif.-based Aragon Consulting Group does think Krugle’s software code search and analysis tool is cool, because it acquired Krugle this week.

Krugle’s current users won’t be left high and dry, according to Mel Badgett, Aragon’s marketing head. He told me that:

Aragon will also continue to support all current users of Krugle Enterprise and Krugle Search Technology –- a broad group that includes developer communities, such as MSDN, and private companies with medium- to large-sized software development organizations.

Aragon will also offer a new product to Krugle users, as it is incorporating Krugle’s tools into its upcoming Next.0 Delivery Platform. The Krugle technology will enhance two Next.0 Delivery Platform features: Test Management and Test Strategist.

“Test Management provides a real time assessment of project quality and release readiness –- a first for the outsourcing world,” Badgett said. “Test Strategist intelligently maps code/code changes to test cases to minimize regressions and defect inject –- another first for outsourcing.”

Stay tuned for Krugle in the cloud. Cloud computing is a next step in Next.0, according to Badgett. Aragon has built applications to facilitate management of ERP, CRM, HRM application instances hosted on the cloud. Planning and automation have been built into Next.0 that will make “cloud testing tractable,” Badgett said.

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