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Author Lisa Crispin joins SearchSoftwareQuality as Agile expert

I’m happy to announce that Lisa Crispin, co-author with Janet Gregory of the book,  Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams, has joined SearchSoftwareQuality as an agile expert. This means that each month Crispin will be answering our readers’ questions about agile methodologies and practices. She started this month by answering the question: How do Agile teams handle changes to requirements?

Crispin is no stranger to the SSQ staff. I’d recorded a podcast with Crispin earlier this year where we discussed some of the differences between agile development and traditional development. I’ve also had the opportunity to shoot several short videos from the StarEast Conference and Colorado-area user group meetings discussing topics such as her favorite open-source tools or her opinion of methodology wars.  Most recently, Crispin and I both attended the Agile 2010 conference in Orlando, Fla., where Crispin was often found manning a station promoting diversity and women in agile testing.

Besides her role on our Ask the Experts staff, Crispin is lined up to help SSQ with upcoming specials which address challenges distributed agile teams face. You can be sure that whatever Crispin is up to, whether it’s tending to her donkeys or tweeting the latest agile news to her 1540 followers, she will be doing so with great energy and passion.

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