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Belgium Testing Days and SQS Belfast facility expansion

It’s conference season again, and I’m looking forward to attending a couple of software quality conferences right here in the Denver area that will be coming up soon. The Software Quality Association of Denver (SQuAD) conference will be March 9-10, and Mile High Agile is April 7th. I’ll get to venture a bit farther for STAREast in Orlando in May. However, I have not been able to get out of the US for a software conference yet.

Fortunately, SSQ contributor and Agile expert Lisa Crispin was able to attend Belgium Testing Days in mid-February and report back on the experience. Not only did she share about several of the presentations she attended, but she also noted some of the cultural differences between the Belgium conference and those she has attended in the US. She writes:

Maybe it’s the fact that cultures mix more frequently in Europe, or that their software industry seems quite progressive, but attending Belgium Testing Days was a new and rewarding experience for me.

Other news across the ocean includes the expansion of Software Quality Systems (SQS) Belfast facility. In an interview with Rob McConnell, SQS Regional Director for Northern Ireland, I learned that the expansion is due to increased demands for “near-shore” outsourcing solutions from US and European clients.

Testing-as-a-Service offerings are also becoming more popular, including HP’s new TaaS solution and WhiteHat’s new Sentinel PL, which offers pre-launch security testing.

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