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Both network and application security are important

When people think of security testing, they often think about the network layer — that area outside of the application. However, application security — security within your application — is important as well. John Overbaugh explains the difference in his two recent tips.

In Boost network security using firewalls, encryption and logging, he uses the protection of a home as an analogy:

To illustrate networking and application security, consider a private home with high-value targets. The access to the home (front gate, long driveway, wide lawns, and surveillance cameras) is a crucial element to protecting the home.

Overbaugh compares network security to breaking through the physical security that protects the house and application security to getting in the house and stealing the jewels. In this first tip, Overbaugh stresses the goals of network security, protecting network resources and the integrity of data traveling across the networks.

In his second tip, Application security: Protecting application availability, data confidentiality and integrity, Overbaugh addresses application security concerns. This effort involves keeping the data within an application safe.

Take a look at these two tips to understand more about both network and application security. Both efforts are crucial in keeping your application and data secure.

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