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C/C++ developers: New training options for secure coding

Software developers face ongoing changes and challenges when it comes to ensuring their coding is secure, particularly since so many applications are now vulnerable to attacks from the farthest reaches of the Internet. C and C++ code is prevalent in embedded software and subject to various vulnerabilities and complications, and many developers might need some brushing up on their skills to ensure they are addressing the latest security concerns.


In a recent tip, SSQ Site Editor Yvette Francino explores the most common defects found in embedded software and discusses an error taxonomy created by consultant Jon Hagar. She also examines the different factors that lead to defects in embedded software, including the issues that crop up with various programming languages, such as C and C++.


Safelight Chief Executive Officer Rob Cheyne points out that “A mistake in C/C++ typically has many more repercussions than other programming languages and there are potentially many more mistakes that can be made.”


Developers interested in gaining some up-to-date training can now take on-demand courses offered by Safelight, the newest offering being Secure C/C++ Coding. Safelight is offering some of their courses at no charge for a limited time.


Whether working on legacy systems or embedded applications, it is important that developers engage in ongoing education and training to uphold best practices for secure coding.

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