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CollabNet announces TeamForge 6.2 ALM platform for hybrid management

As more IT organizations opt for management and collaboration through hybrid development processes, companies such as CollabNet respond with offerings that integrate updated tools and functionality. CollabNet recently announced the summer release of their TeamForge 6.2 ALM platform, which is unique in providing a combined platform for Git and Subversion management.

Senior Director of Product Marketing Lothar Schubert discussed some of the new features and explained that this release “delivers on integration, visibility and reporting, especially for Agile application lifecycle management and enterprise cloud development.”

He continued, “The whole notion of integration—integration across tools, integration across clouds—is something that we take very seriously and deliver on in 6.2.” He then explained the new features of TeamForge 6.2: 

  • Orchestration across tools and clouds, including Git, Gerrit, ReviewBoard, Black Duck Code Sight.
  • Planning, measurement and reporting, using a datamart “built specifically to manage site activity, to measure software commits and any kind of tracker artifacts,” providing visibility into quality, according to Schubert.
  • Code quality, re-use and governance that builds on CollabNet’s strong heritage in source code and source code management.
  • Enterprise grade Git and Subversion management that encompasses security and hybrid SCM.

For webinars detailing these new tools, click below:

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