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Compuware tools, Borland have a new home

Earlier this week Micro Focus, best known for their Cobol application development tools, announced that they would be acquiring some product lines from Compuware Corp., as well as Borland. Both Borland and Compuware are makers of software testing and quality monitoring tools, so this news has created a buzz in our community.

The Borland deal brings Micro Focus a full suite of application lifecycle management products, including more testing products. In 2006, Borland acquired Segue Software and currently supports SilkCentral Test Manager, SilkTest, and SilkPerformer. Tools that compete in the marketplace with Compuware. It will be interesting to see what direction they take as they consolidate their offerings.”

Compuware’s lines include some cool products:

  • QADirector, Compuware’s test management solution for providing a framework for managing the entire testing process;
  • DevPartner, Compuware’s award-winning debug, analysis, test and tuning applications for Microsoft Visual Studio and Java;
  • TestPartner, Compuware’s flagship automated testing tool for traditional functional test automation;
  • QALoad, Compuware’s load testing tool for load test development, execution, and performance analysis;
  • and the less well known ApplicationVantage, which can help find and fix performance and infrastructure problems.

According to their press release, the acquisition moves Micro Focus into the $2 billion global application testing and automated software quality market.  Micro Focus has made a number of acquisitions over the last three years, including: Liant Software who provided COBOL and PL/I tools; NetManage who web-enabled legacy applications; and Relativity Technologies who provided solutions for Enterprise Application Modernization and Application Portfolio Management.

The Compuware suite of tools appears to fill the quality assurance gap in the Micro Focus suite of tools.

I don’t know what the numbers are, but based on my experience I suspect Compuware is probably the fourth largest player in the automated testing, load testing, and test management tool space behind HP Mercury, IBM Rational, and Microsoft Visual Studio Team System. It’s been my experience that HP Mercury is the juggernaut of the industry, and teams using the MS and IBM products are doing so because they are already using other tools in the vendor’s suite (such as WebSphere or Visual Studio). It will be interesting to see if Micro Focus can position them in a similar way.

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